Rising Star of the Year

  • Amber Gooch-Boags, The Albert Pye Primary School and Finlay Gooch-Boags, Ravensmere Infant School

Young Achiever of the Year

  • Christopher Perry, Warren School
  • Owen Free, Handford Hall Primary School
  • Isobelle Fermor, Sidegate Primary School
  • Daniel Hibbins, Claydon High School
  • Josefina Santa De La Paz, Claydon High School
  • Ernie Simmons, Ormiston Academy Ipswich
  • John Warren, Suffolk One
  • Bethan Rees, Thurston Community College
  • Jonathan Durston, Kesgrave High School

Inspirational Young Person of the Year

  • Morgan Stone, Thomas Wolsey
  • Jamie Small, Wickham Market Primary School
  • Alexander Folkard-Willis, Brooklands Primary School
  • Jess Grant, Kesgrave High School
  • Ewan Ley, West Suffolk College
  • Jonathan Stammers, Coplestone High School

Educational Setting of the Year

  • Stratford St Mary Primary School
  • Coupals Primary Academy
  • Lowestoft Sixth Form Centre

Educational Leader of the Year

  • Lisa Wright, Wigwams Nursery
  • Vicky O’Brien, Worlingham Church of England Primary
  • Daniel Woodrow, St Gregory CEVC Primary

Excellence in Teaching

  • Debbie Nice, St Gregory CEVC
  • Louisa Hubbard, Suffolk New College
  • Luke Waller, Suffolk New College

Excellence in Middle Leadership

  • Hannah Cragoe, Stradbroke Primary
  • Nicola Johnson, Halifax Primary
  • Tarryn Berry, Thurston Community College

Excellence in Collaboration

  • Student Life Project
  • The Suffolk Rainbow Conference
  • The North Suffolk Hub of Schools

Business Partner of the Year

  • Morgan Sindall Ltd

Support Staff of the Year

  • Steven Knott, Suffolk New College
  • Danielle Taylor and Natalie King, St Gregory CEVC Primary
  • Lyn Wines, Brooklands Primary

Outstanding Contribution as a Volunteer

  • Alison Cole, Brooklands Primary School
  • Kim Palmer, Wilby CEVC Primary
  • David Verney St Albans Catholic High School