WINNER: Nadine West, Sandlings Primary School, WoodbridgeExcellence in Teaching - winner

Nadine’s approach to teaching and learning in early years is unique and the impact has been overwhelming. As a result, the school’s youngest children are confident, self-assured learners and have excellent attitudes to learning. The result is a strong, positive impact on their progress. A key element of the success of this approach, has been inviting parents into school to observe and join in classes. This helps them to understand how their children are learning, and feedback from parents has been extremely positive. The school shares their good practice with other settings and local early years teachers have spent time at Sandlings to observe their approaches.

Shortlisted Finalists

  • Matthew Palmer, Creeting St Mary CEVAP School

Matthew manages to bring out the best in each individual pupil, giving them the opportunity to shine at something. His pupils say that he makes learning fun and exciting and visitors to the classroom comment on the outstanding teaching and learning taking place. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of each child and uses and builds on those to get the best out of them, ensuring that they are learning in the way best suited to them. As the subject leader for PE, he runs sporting competitions and clubs, and gives up a lot of his own time to run sporting extra-curricular activities and make sport fun for the pupils.

  • Sophie Gynn, Newmarket Academy

Sophie was nominated by one of her students, because she goes above and beyond her duties and role as a teacher to help her students and ensure they attain the absolute highest they possibly can. She always has a listening ear for any problem, big or small, and usually has a solution to fix it. She provides her students with any resources they need and takes the extra time to figure out ways to find ways to help them to understand difficult concepts. Her dedication makes her a role model to her students, who say that she has played a massive part in their lives.