New ideas, methods or approaches to education that have been a success and shown improvement. 

To celebrate trailblazing approaches and methods that have demonstrated a significant impact on educational attainment, aspiration, recruitment, professional development, governance, attendance, wellbeing, social, moral, cultural and spiritual development, parental involvement or any other aspect of education.

This award is for new* approaches, methods or projects in any educational setting – Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) providers, any type of school, colleges, higher education and other learning providers – implemented by the setting itself or other organisations that work with the setting.


Judging for this category will be based on the following:

  • Evidence of impact on educational attainment (quantitative – attainment, progress)
  • Wider qualitative positive impacts
  • The extent to which the approach/method is deemed innovative and “pushing boundaries”
  • Any plans to roll the approach out by sharing with other settings

Please ensure that your nomination reflects the criteria above.

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*This may not necessarily be a completely new approach but could only be new to the setting(s) involved